Farmer Seng

hello, i am

Farmer Seng

· an earthworm farmer

· the brand ambassador of
Summer Collection

a little dream of mine

'' Everyone can call me stupid, but I actually quite enjoy in the job of building an urban farm, I will never give up! ''

What really makes me feel meaningful and energetic is to interact with a bunch of children and friends who like outdoor activities in nature.


the little story of my organic composed earthworm farming project

It is very important to instill a good awareness of environmental protection from an early age, and environmental protection education can be infiltrated from our daily life.

“In the beginning, I mainly shared information about earthworm composting in groups on social platforms, which attracted the interest of many housewives who grow at home. I shared how to raise earthworms at home, which can not only solve the problem of kitchen waste, but also reduce domestic waste. After a period of time, household waste became lesser and the soil quality got improved.”

I raise African night earthworms. Compared with other earthworms type, African night earthworms have a very large food intake, relatively stronger fecundity and growth speed, and are very suitable for breeding in Malaysia’s climate.

Cute Earthworms Tote Bag

Every purchase of this bag is the best great support for me for my organic project  ♡

About the brand that I recommended:

Summer Collection

This is a leisure summer brand full of vacations and natural vibes. Their products are suitable for every activity in nature, or for a trip. They provide very comfortable travel clothing, including summer Hawaiian shirts, beautiful sun hats, and some other beach essentials.

Moreover, it is also a brand that supports environmental protection & organic projects, this is why Farmer Seng has to recommend 😉

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