Funny Malaysian Slang Words Lesson


‘okay Lah’ is the most iconic funny word in Malaysia, it means ” It’s alright; don’t worry about it ”


“alamak” is an expression commonly used in Malaysia to express surprise, shock, or fear. In English we say “Oh no!” or “Oops!” and is often used when someone realizes they have forgotten somthing important or made a mistake.


“abuden” is a slang word commonly used sarcastically to convey a feeling of ”duh” or ”aboviously”   . For example, if someone asks “Are you going to sleep now?” and the response is “Abuden” 😉

Walao Eh !

“walao eh” is an expression we use to express surprise, amazement or ‘i can’t believe’ in a situation. It can be use to express frustration or when you get irritated, especially when something unwanted happens.

Belanja !

“belanja” is used to mean treating someone to something, commonly food, and drinks, or is a nice-way-command to ask your good friends to treat you or pay for your food. For example, ‘can you please do me a favor, later I will Belanja you’


if you’re ordering food to-go, this is a great word to remember. Tapau (Cantonese) and ‘bungkus’ (Malay) are having same meaning and are used when ordering take-our or takeaway from a food stall or restaurant.


‘paiseh’ meaning: A simple ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’, or an adjective to describe the embarrassed you felt.


this is the coolest vocab in our country: “Jom.” It means “let’s do it together” or “let’s go” For example: “let’s eat” (“jom makan”) or “let’s travel together” (“jom pergi!”).


when others say to you:  “syok sendiri” means you are being self-absorbed. You’re only in love with yourself and you’re completely living in your own world without regard for others.


Bo Jio – To express FOMO (fear of missing out), ‘no invite’. ‘bojio’ is used to jokingly call someone out when you’re not invited to a hangout or gathering within your bunch of friends.

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