4 Beautiful Malaysian Sea Turtle Species

Special sea turtles in Malaysia! They are not just cute, but also a great protector of our coral reefs. Truly for our sea turtle lovers.

Green Turtle

(Penyu Agar)

Adult shell length: 90 – 100 cm

Adult body weight: 110 – 180 kg

Color: Olive green to brown and black.

Food: Mostly seagrass and seaweed, sometimes jellyfish.

Olive Ridley Turtle

(Penyu Lipas)

Adult shell length: 50 – 70 cm

Adult body weight: 30 – 50 kg

Color: Olive brown.

Food: Crabs, prawns, snails, jellyfish, fish & seagrass.

Leatherback Turtle

(Penyu Belimbing)

Adult shell length: 150 – 180 cm

Adult body weight: 300 – 600 kg

Color: Black with white/grey patches.

Food: Mainly jellyfish.

Hawksbill Turtle

(Penyu Karah)

Adult shell length: 70 – 90 cm

Adult body weight: 30 – 70 kg

Color: Combination of yellow, brown and dark brown streaks.

Food: Mainly sponges.

The Reasons Why Sea Turtles Are Important For Maintain Ocean Healthy​

Sea turtles help to control the overrunning populations of jellyfish, & seagrasses as these are their important food. By eating sea grass and algae, they keep the whole habitat system healthy and thriving.

When they lay their eggs on the shore, they also create disturbance in the sand to create a healthy beach quality.

They are also a part of the food chains, they provide themself as food for predators such as whales, and sharks, and their eggs and hatchlings are the food sources for sea creatures like crabs, birds, and fish. Overall, sea turtles are very important for our ocean!

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